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Base salaries
Common base
Common • X1
10 $ASTRA/day
Rare • X1.5
15 $ASTRA/day
Legendary base
Legendary • X1.75
17.5 $ASTRA/day
Mythic base
Mythic • X2
20 $ASTRA/day
Ancient base
Ancient • X2.5
25 $ASTRA/day
Golden Ancient base
Golden Ancient • X3
30 $ASTRA/day

What is the Ethereal Transit Authority?

The Ethereal Transit Authority, or the ETA as we call it around here, is solely responsible for one very specific, but universally critical task: the transportation of recently severed Souls from their native universe to their new eternal home in the Ethereal Plane.

The Grims that work at the ETA are the Reaper Agents of the Infinitum that are paid in $ASTRA, the currency of the Knownverse. So go get those Grims to work and we'll see ya around!

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